Robert Guy Barrows

1st Woman President — Oh, Beautiful!

Synopsis of an original novel by Robert Guy Barrows

Copyright © 2006, Robert Guy Barrows. 
All rights reserved.


            Zoë Dorian, U.S. Congresswoman from Pueblo, Colorado, hopes to win a "Best Actress" Academy Award along with her director, Bruce Bentley, who is up for "Best Director" and their movie "Oh, Beautiful!" is up for Best Picture.  The movie is about how Zoë sang "America the Beautiful" to the U.S. Congress to win approval to make that song the alternate National Anthem along with "The Star-Spangled Banner."

            U.S. President Carl Cunningham is attracted to Zoë.  He privately asks Zoë to be his running mate in his bid for re-election.

            Zoë sees her chance to become the first woman President, by accepting Carl's offer. 

            The First Lady unexpectedly dies.  Her funeral is on the same day as the Academy Awards.  President Cunningham refuses to ask that the Award Ceremony be cancelled in deference to The First Lady's funeral.  Rumors are rampant that she was murdered, but no one has any proof.  Carl himself is rumored to be the prime suspect because of his interest in Zoë.

            Zoë and Bruce win their Oscars and their movie wins Best Picture.  The publicity helps Carl win his bid for a second term, and Zoë is now the Vice President.

            But at their Inauguration Ceremony, Carl suddenly disappears.  General Roscoe Colt has declared martial law — he is taking over the government.  The country is in a panic.

            President Cunningham, aboard Air Force One intends to land at NORAD headquarters in Colorado, where he can oppose General Colt's takeover.  But a fake news report of his death affects Cunningham so severely that he has a real heart attack and dies on the plane.

            In Washington, DC, Bruce learns of the President's death and races to the White House, finds Zoë and has the woman Chief Justice of the Supreme Court swear Zoë in as President.

            Zoë takes command and issues the orders to those Armed Forces commanders who are still loyal to the Office of the President and therefore to Zoë herself.

            General Hunter, Zoë's most loyal commander, takes over the missile command center at NORAD and threatens to destroy General Colt unless he rescinds his martial law declaration.

            The showdown is successful, and Zoë takes over as the rightful U.S. President.

            Zoë asks Bruce if he would be the First Gentleman by marrying her.  He accepts.

• • •

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